We appreciate each and every customer chose Artistic East Orlando Florist for their floral design. These are some testimonials from our satified clients. In addition, we always love to hear and welcome your comments. Please click here write a review

Can't say enough about this florist. The quality of their floral arrangements is superb and their service -- ordering and delivery -- is unparalleled compared to any florist I've used anywhere, anytime. Wonderful all around.
---------- Paul Shumway---------

Andy did my bouquet at the last minute for my wedding. It was white roses with a brooch arrangement in the middle. He made my husbands bout to match my bouquet and I have to tell you, I think the bouquet stole my thunder. It was absolutely gorgeous and can't stop looking at my pictures. Thank you Andy!!
---------- Natasha Santiago---------

Awesome customer service Andy... Will definitely be returning again.. A must trt...
---------- Bobbi King ---------

"My husband sent me a dozen red roses for our anniversary, and I was so pleased with the quality of the flowers. They were really big, and so healthy. These were the first roses I've had in a long, long time that actually opened all the way. Usually they wilt and die before they ever open. Great place, quality flowers, excellent service, and I'm still enjoying my roses! Thank you!
---------- Carol Martin---------

We would like to thank you the Artistic East Orlando Florist for the generous gift to our fund raiser "Nhớ Ơn Anh - chiến sĩ VNCH - Vị Quốc Vong Thân" night. The funds raised went toward to project "Khắc tên trên gạch" for Vietnamese Fallen Heroes and it will be place in the National Vietnam War Museum (NVNWM) at Orlando, FL. Ms. Uyên Thy from Bếp Nhà Ta Nấu won this beautiful picture and hang it in her STBN cooking shows (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQMxol2Tg8Q; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JqFMxgt52ag; Thank you on behalf of Việt Nam Niềm Nhớ Không Tên (VN3KT), and thank you from our Joint Venture (JV) group in particular.
---------- VNniem Nho Khong Ten ---------

I received my Easter basket from the Artistic East Orlando Florist whenI got home and it's very very beautiful. Thank you very much for the delivery my daughter sent to me from Virginia.
---------- Helen Deck---------

My husband loves this florist and recently sent me beautiful bouquet for our anniversary. It was a very unique arrangement and the roses lasted almost two weeks.... Bouquets from other florists rarely last five days. They do an excellent job on presentation. My son purchased his prom corsage here last year and I was impressed with their presentation and quality of flowers. They have excellent service also.... It's nice to go to a store that values customer service!
---------- Sandra McCall---------

Andy at Artistic Florist in Orlando, FL created a floral arrangement that was out of this world beautiful for my sister celebrating her five-year anniversary breast cancer free. His attention to this special request was very thoughtful and sincere in creating something very memorable. this was all done by phone , across country. If you want the best, I would recommend this florist. the on-line address is http://www.artisticorlandoflorist.com/
---------- Colleen West ---------

OMG! My sister, Colleen, sent me a potted plant arrangement for my 5-year cancer free anniversary. This was not just a plant, it was a piece of art. Andy lugged that humongous thing into my office on March 15, 2013, and the looks on everyone's faces said it all! I wish I could post a pic on here. All kinds of green plants, an entire potted pink azalea, fresh cut flowers, mylar balloons (silver with pink ribbons and pink and silver heart-shaped ones), a beautiful pink ribbon scarf with which he made a huge bow for the front of the arrangement. Today is the 23rd and I re-potted the azalea in a big pot of its own (imagine how big the original one is). All the other plants remain in the giant pot from Artistic East. I shall proudly wear the scarf to work on Monday.
---------- Tina Kelly---------

I called late yesterday afternoon with a request for an arrangement for my wife's birthday. I leave in Brevard County and work in south county. She works in east Orlando, in a restricted area and thus have specific items which can not be in the work place. I expressed my concern to the florist and they assured me they can meet the security standards. The next challenge was the delivery zip code which is outside of their delivery area this year due to the economic reasons and fuel and toll charges-(very understandable). I expressed how they made such a beautiful arrangement a year ago for my wife's birthday and they had proven themselves to be very creative- so I was returning for this excellent service, creativity and another beautiful arrangement this year.The gentleman stated okay- I will take care of you- I will make the arrangement nice and she will like it and we will deliver it for you for an extra fee. It was delivered before 10a this morning! My response no problem. Well- they did just what they said they would do and the results are a very thankful, cheerful and delighted wife who responded to me "they know our taste". I have never met the owners and only converse via telephone with the item # of the arrangement and they took it from there to produce a masterpiece. I can only say thank you to the most compassionate and artistic individuals I have "tele-met" -(via telephone). May God bless you and your business for years to come!!!!,
---------- James Darby---------

I cannot thank you all enough for putting this beautiful bouquet of roses together, especially last minute on Valentine's Day. Once again, thank you all so much,
---------- David Chong---------

I checked out other florists web sites and wouldn't recommend anyone other than Artistic East Orlando Florists. I called the same day I required service and delivery. Someone answered the phone immediately and then Andy spent over 20 minutes helping me determine the arrangement, gift, and price for my very dear and longtime friend's 50th birthday. The service was polite, courteous, and detailed. Its always a bit scary ordering from out of state/area as I did, but I was texted a photo before the arrangement was delivered and then received a confirmation text of delivery. Only after my friend sent a photo of herself next to it, did I see the really awesome job Artistic East on not only the arrangement but on the keepsake I wanted for this very special occasion! The price was also excellent! It looked like an arrangement I would easily spend $200.00 but I spent less than half that on it! 5+ stars!! You rocked my friend's birthday!
---------- Patty Wills ---------

Walked in and explained what I needed but they created so much more than I could have expected!!! Such a great place! Don't let the area scare you, its amazing service, quality and knowledge
---------- Brandon Hebner ---------

Amazing looking flowers and friendly customer service. First time customer but I'm definitely coming back!!
---------- Nikita Gridin ---------

Always go here when I need some flowers.The shop owner is very helpful when the first time I called her to order for my mom on Dec 29,2011.She told me her shop closed from Dec 25, 2011 to Feb 2, 2012 for her family business. However, when I told her my mom was in the hospital at that time, she was willing to make my oder and she delivered by herself. I really appriciate about it and my mom was very love it. and I also odered flowers for my girlfriend on valentine's day, a nice arrangement! Flowers lived almost 2 weeks after that. My gf love it.Now my mom and family are her customers.Very kind and helpful. Thanks.
---------- Brian Cobb ---------

AND THE AWARD GOES TO ARTISTIC EAST ORLANDO. I called from New York City where every service you could possibly need is ALWAYS AVAILABLE. It didn't cross my mind that most florists in Orlando would be closed on a Sunday. I called tons of florists and found Artistic East Orlando open and taking orders. I was able to order a special birthday arrangement and have it delivered the same day for such a reasonable price. I will forever order flowers from Artistic East Orlando.
---------- Google User reviewed ---------

Just ordered a birthday bouquet for my boyfriend yesterday, great service, the shop lady even answered my phone after their store hour which i was very grateful for. Since my request is at the end of the weekend (sunday yikes!) i really appreciate the fact that she told me the flower i wanted to order is not fresh anymore and made other suggestions for me instead of making me pay for some old flowers(thanx!). Delivery was on time, flower was fresh and very beautifully arranged, with great hand-written birthday card, boyfriend was super happy with it LOL definitely will order from them again in the future!.
---------- Google User reviewed ---------

I went in to get a valentines day bouquet for my gf but she likes sunflowers and daises instead of roses. They told me they probably wouldnt be able to get sunflowers because of the time of year so I picked out a very nice daisy arrangement and then when I went in to pick it up they had found me some perfect sunflowers and didnt charge me any extra. I will be back!.
---------- Google User reviewed ---------

Beautiful flowers and good service !!!
---------- Google User reviewed ---------

Fresh flower - Reasonable price - Reliable delivery Will do business again. Thx
---------- Google User reviewed ---------